Camila Salcedo
Three ways to save time and costs on your vehicle repairs
Industry insights
Vehicles today are lighter, smarter, safer and more complex than ever. Repairing these new vehicles has become more complicated and expensive...
Car-sharing is growing in popularity – and more drivers means more damages
Industry insights
Transportation services that are shared among travellers are referred to as shared mobility, and it’s taking the world by storm. By sharing vehicles, rather than privately owning them, there are many benefits
The electric vehicle revolution is triggering a repair revolution
Industry insights
Johan Vos, Fixico’s VP of Growth and Innovation, shares his expertise on the rising complexity that comes with the mass adoption of electric vehicles.
How digital ecosystems redefine car damage handling
Industry insights
Discover the benifts of digital ecosystems in car damage repair managment.
4 ways to better manage car damage repairs post-Covid-19
Industry insights
Read how digitalisation can improve your management of car damage repairs after Covid-19.
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