As digitalisation reshapes industries, business ecosystems gain in popularity as a new approach. An ecosystem is a collection of services and channels working together to provide a seamless user experience. It brings organisations together around a common goal and enables them to interact through a central platform. Globally, ecosystems are on the rise and could unlock an additional $100 trillion of value over the next decade.

Ecosystems present an interesting opportunity for car damage repair handling. Indeed, organisations dealing with car damage are facing pressure to optimise their operational efficiency, as the pandemic has disrupted many processes. At the same time, consumer expectations are higher than ever, as many have grown accustomed to the ease and convenience of digital tools.

Operational managers, who already have their hands full with other responsibilities, have to meet these needs. The traditional way of handling car damage repair is no longer suitable for this new reality. Manually coordinating between drivers and body repair shops is not only inefficient but also error-prone, potentially adding further costs or compromising repair quality. In addition, this process provides no real-time insights into the repair and does not keep drivers up-to-date about the progress of their repair.

Ecosystems create a seamless digital repair journey

A digital repair handling ecosystem addresses these challenges by connecting stakeholders and centralising information in a comprehensive environment. The entire repair process is streamlined, reducing repair costs and vehicle off-road time. Because data is shared in real-time, managers stay in control of the entire process and can intervene immediately if necessary. Drivers are kept informed throughout the process and benefit from a seamless digital repair journey.

Fixico offers businesses as well as body repair shops the opportunity to join its digital repair handling ecosystem and benefit from a frictionless repair process. Throughout 2020, companies in Fixico’s ecosystem lowered repair costs by 29% and cycle times by 33% on average, while achieving a high driver satisfaction of 4.75/5.

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