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Fixico offers a turnkey after-sales setup, enabling full control over your ecosystem and customer experience

As a new electric vehicle original equipment manufacturer (EV OEM), you need to ensure an adequate service infrastructure is in place to guarantee customers have smooth experiences throughout the entire life of their vehicle. Fixico offers a digital platform which enables OEMs to connect all necessary stakeholders in a single environment and have full control over the customer journey, including warranties.

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Fixico empowers you to create and maintain the fastest, most efficient and customer-centric after-sales infrastructure

Expand to new markets fast by accessing Fixico's network of high-tech EV-qualified repairers, while onboarding other service providers of your choosing

Centralise communication with customers, repairers, suppliers & other service providers via a single, digital platform

Directly reach customers and guarantee optimal journeys, while also having full control over warranties

Track the service status of all your vehicles, and make data-driven decisions by accessing real-time insights into service provider performance

Building your own ecosystem allows you to have the fastest, most transparent and flexible expansion strategy


You won't have to start from scratch and deal with local regulations and cultural differences


You can create your own brand experience and do not have to adapt to third party requirements


You can keep full control on your vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle

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How EV manufacturers can expand to new markets fast

Now that there’s a vast list of options for safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly vehicles, it’s a matter of which brands can ensure the smoothest customer journeys even after the purchase. In this blog, we will discuss the different roads OEMs can take when building service infrastructures that enable maximum flexibility and convenience for customers bringing their vehicle in for maintenance, repair and other services.

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  • Easy integration and agile set-up
  • Fully customisable
  • Suitable for organisations of any shape and size

Unlock the potential of digital repair management for your business today

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