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Offer a superior driver experience, streamline workflows
and identify the right repair solution for each damage effortlessly.

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The new way to handle car damage repairs

repair journey

An end-to-end, effortless repair journey
for you and your customers



Find the best repair solution from your preferred network, or Fixico's marketplace



Access valuable insights to support data-driven decision making


The three pillars of digital and cohesive
repair handling solution

Offer an effortless repair journey, streamline workflows, and benefit from intelligent repair allocation

Digital driver journey

Offer a frictionless repair experience

Lease drivers arrange every aspect of their repair in a user-friendly web app. In this fully customisable environment, drivers can submit damage reports within minutes, plan appointments according to their schedule, and share feedback after the repair is completed.

Insightful repair management

Streamline workflows and find the right repair solution for each damage

Fleet managers work with a cohesive dashboard that is designed to handle any repair from start to finish. Our advanced platform is the first to enable a 1-to-1 handling approach and can match each individual damage with the right repair shop.

Dynamic repair handling

Optimise repair allocation in a truly independent and dynamic network

Fixico’s digital marketplace guarantees the best repair solution by connecting partner-specific requirements with repairer’s expertise. Our platform is linked to a vast and high-quality network, can easily adopt partner-preferred repairers and quickly expand to any location.

Benefit from digital repair

Boost driver satisfaction

Boost driver satisfaction

Offer a frictionless repair journey attuned to today’s digital standards

Reduce cycle times

Reduce cycle times

Streamline workflows and minimise manual activities

Lower repair costs

Lower repair costs

Save costs while safeguarding repair quality

Experience full control

Experience full control

Gain unique real-time data insight at every step of the way

Mobility Service Case Study
Mobility Service

“With Fixico, costly inefficiencies and frustrating repair experiences are a thing of the past.”

Paul Harms, CEO Mobility Service

Mobility Service is an independent and innovative Dutch leasing company. With our solution they can handle car damage repairs from start to finish, lower costs and offer an excellent repair experience to their lease drivers.

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