Emma Goddard
Staying ahead of the game: The top trends in car repair for 2023
Industry insights
The car repair industry is undergoing significant changes, driven by a number of key trends. Here are four of the most important trends to watch out for in 2023:
How EV manufacturers can expand to new markets fast
Industry insights
When drivers get a damage, the last thing they want is having to wait weeks, let alone months for an appointment at a service centre located far away. To prevent this, OEMs need to make strategic decisions when developing their service infrastructure to ensure customers always have smooth journeys.
IVS & Fixico are digitalising car repair management across the UK
Partner spotlight
IVS partnered with Fixico to make it possible to communicate with all of their clients and other stakeholders via a single, digital platform. The platform enables IVS to optimise operations, eliminating non-value-adding activities.
Sixt & Fixico creating effortless car repair journeys
Partner spotlight
In 2019, Sixt started talking with Fixico about optimising their car repair management process. Sixt can now experience effortless repair journeys, while gaining full control and insight over the whole process.
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