For vehicle owners and fleet managers, getting a car repaired typically involves many parties; insurance brokers, claim handlers, parts suppliers, body repair shops and more. The UK has an especially complex and fragmented car repair market, which has led to a rise of accident repair management companies, each with the goal of better connecting all relevant parties. Now, vehicle owners and fleet managers can simply work with one company who coordinates everything on their behalf.

Intelligent Vehicle Services (IVS) is one of such companies that manages car repairs for different work providers – ranging from insurers, fleet operators, insurance intermediaries, and other claim management companies. Based in Manchester, IVS connects these work providers to over 280 body repair shops across the UK. By operating such a vast network of repairers, IVS has a strong presence in the UK repair market, and as such can provide their clients with full coverage and transparency over the repair management and deployment processes.

While IVS has significantly improved how cars are managed and deployed to repair shops, they still heavily rely on manual tasks, such as back-and-forth phone calls and emails to keep everyone updated. Before Fixico, IVS claim handlers would have to call numerous repairers to check for availability to take on a new repair. IVS also had a ‘chasing team’ which would call repairers to receive regular updates and invoices.

Introducing digital solutions for more efficiency and transparency

IVS strongly believes in investing in the latest technology to continuously offer their clients the best possible service. So earlier this year, IVS began a partnership with Fixico, making it possible to communicate with all of their clients and other stakeholders via a single, digital platform. The platform also enables IVS to optimise operations, eliminating non-value-adding activities. IVS’ repair network is fully onboarded to the Fixico marketplace, making it easier to coordinate and deploy repairs.

“Deploying repairs becomes seamless by being able to integrate our network of 280 repairers across the UK into a single platform. Having a digital partner like Fixico allows us to remove non-value-adding activities and focus on further improving our client journeys,” said John Boyce, CEO of IVS.

John Boyce (left), CEO of IVS and Mark van Laar (right), co-founder and COO of Fixico

Fixico offers businesses a customisable and user-friendly platform that enables end-to-end support with repair management. In addition to continuously iterating on the platform to fit the needs of partners, Fixico also offers personal account management and unlimited support for all stakeholders. IVS’ repairers are also able to work directly with Fixico support in case any issues arise.

Long-term commitment with fast results

Since the partnership commenced, IVS has already experienced significant operational improvements. For example, their data analysis has shown a 45% time reduction of operational tasks and a 14% time reduction in repair deployment.

“Together with the excellent support of the Fixico team, we were able to customise the platform to allow for unique capabilities, such as providing repair shops with a digital environment to accept jobs and indicate their earliest availability,” said Phil Brocklehurst, General Manager of IVS.

“IVS has been a great launching partner for us, as they have abundant experience working with UK-based businesses and repairers. Since partnering with IVS, we have observed how much of an opportunity there is to digitally transform and improve the way repairs are managed in the UK. We look forward to continuously innovating the space together,” said Mark van Laar, COO and co-founder of Fixico.

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