Fixico brings digital repair handling to Avrios’ fleet management software

Zurich/Amsterdam, 9 December 2020

Fixico, Europe’s leading car damage repair management platform, today announced a new partnership with Avrios, a leading provider of digital fleet management for over 900 companies in Europe.

Fixico’s intelligent car damage repair handling solution is available via Avrios’ fleet management software. Fleet managers can now easily identify the right body repair shop for each car damage, streamline the process and minimise costly vehicle downtime. Next to this, fleet managers can reduce repair costs tremendously.

“We help our customers digitalise their entire fleet management. From submitting a damage report to receiving suitable quotes to authorising the repair; Fixico’s integration ensures that the entire process is handled quickly and with little effort,” says Andreas Brenner, CEO of Avrios.

“We are delighted to join forces with Avrios and integrate our solution with their already extensive fleet management software. Avrios’ customers can now experience a frictionless, fully digital and transparent car damage repair handling journey that will lower repair costs and improve cycle times significantly “, says Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO of Fixico.

Fixico’s intelligent systems match the requirements of each specific damage and vehicle with the optimal body repair shop for the job. Repairs can be steered to the most suitable body repair shop directly or tendered in a network of qualified body repair shops. In which case, fleet managers will receive three quotes within 24 hours after submitting the damage report. These quotes contain the repairer’s availability, a fixed price, clear repair description, duration of the repair, as well as available additional services. With this partnership, Avrios gains access to more than 2,000 certified body repair shops that work with Fixico. Fleet managers can easily select the optimal offer and schedule the appointment directly via Avrios’ platform. In addition to the most favourable offers, fleet managers can also take other criteria such as OEM-requirements into consideration. All repair costs are automatically integrated into Avrios' fleet management platform.  

Thermondo, a Berlin-based company that arranges, plans and installs heating systems, already uses the services of Avrios and Fixico. Previously, Thermondo often commissioned body repair shops without first obtaining comparative offers as there was simply no time to do so. With the automatic repair cost estimates, digital repair allocation methods and easy appointment scheduling, Thermondo can now always find and book the most suitable and cost-effective body repair shop for its fleet with minimum effort, even under time pressure.

“The time we save is enormous. This applies to the entire fleet management, but also to the quotation request and allocation via the Marketplace,” says David Jänsch, fleet manager at Thermondo.

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About Fixico

Fixico is Europe’s leading digital car repair management platform. On a mission to reshape the industry’s ecosystem, Fixico connects drivers, businesses, and body repair shops in entirely new ways. Its digital expertise and pioneering approach improve the repair handling process from every perspective; drivers experience an effortless repair journey, businesses increase operational efficiency, and body repair shops optimise their workshop utilisation. Fixico gives access to a marketplace with a network of over 2,000 body repair shops across six countries. A group of world-class investors backs Fixico, and its services are trusted by more than 150 leading fleet-, lease- rental- and insurance companies.

About Avrios

Avrios International AG is a leading provider for digital fleet management. The company, based in Zurich, was founded in 2015. The cloud-based fleet management platform makes processes more efficient, reduces fleet costs and implements legal regulations relating to fleet management. The platform is aimed at fleets from 20 to 20,000 vehicles. The most important functions include fully automatic data acquisition, automatic compliance controlling, real-time reporting, electronic driving licence control and corporate car sharing software. Avrios currently employs around 70 employees that look after more than 900 customers with around 100,000 vehicles, including DB Schenker, Bavarian Red Cross and Kyocera. All servers are located in Germany and are subject to the strict German data protection guidelines. The data centre is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.

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