TVM and Fixico join forces to digitalise vehicle repair management

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Frank van Nueten, Managing Director of TVM Belgium

Amsterdam/Antwerp, February 1, 2022 — Fixico, Europe’s leading digital car repair management platform, has today announced a partnership with TVM Belgium, the leading transport and logistics vehicle insurer, to centralise and improve their repair process with the help of digitalisation. TVM’s customers, brokers and repairers in Belgium can now connect via Fixico’s end-to-end platform, reducing cycle times and costs, and allowing for more transparency and control over their entire claim intake and repair journeys. 

Repairing a vehicle can be as much of a nuisance as getting it damaged in the first place, especially for businesses like TVM Belgium, which insures over 81,000 vehicles across Belgium and Luxembourg. With many factors to consider, such as choosing a repair shop, scheduling an appointment, and keeping clients and drivers updated, Fixico’s digital platform streamlines the entire journey so TVM can fully manage the process and all parties involved can seamlessly communicate with each other.

From their ecosystem of specialised repair shops across Europe, Fixico finds the most suitable repair solution for every unique damage, based on criteria such as availability, expertise, specialisation and price. As the TVM group has been managing vehicle claims since 1962, they have developed a wide network of preferred repairers, and will now be able to integrate this network to Fixico’s platform and more efficiently allocate repairs directly to them, using Fixico’s dynamic repair infrastructure. 

“At TVM, we always look for innovative ways to improve our services, and leverage digital solutions wherever possible. We are building an infrastructure with best-in-the-market solutions, and so we’ve partnered with Fixico to offer our customers the best repair experience possible,” said Frank van Nueten, Managing Director of TVM Belgium. 

“We’re thrilled to work with such a leading and innovative partner. With TVM’s expertise and footprint on the industry, paired with our digital solution, we can create seamless repair journeys and prevent the pain from extending beyond the damage,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, co-founder and CEO of Fixico. 

About Fixico

Fixico is Europe's leading digital car repair management platform. On a mission to reshape the industry's ecosystem, Fixico connects drivers, businesses, and body repair shops in entirely new ways. Its digital expertise and pioneering approach improve the repair handling process from every perspective; drivers experience an effortless repair journey, businesses increase operational efficiency, and body repair shops optimise their workshop utilisation. Fixico gives access to a marketplace with a network of over 2,500 body repair shops across nine countries. A group of world-class investors backs Fixico, and its services are trusted by more than 200 leading fleet-, lease- rental- and insurance companies.

About TVM

TVM Belgium is the expert for transport and logistics by road and water relating to insurance policies, but also to advice and services. TVM offers specialised insurance policies for trucks, trailers, cranes, forklift trucks, company cars, inland navigation and pleasure craft. For this TVM works together with specialised insurance brokers. Along with the insurance aspect, TVM promotes safer transportation by recognising and preventing risks and by actively work on loss reduction. One of the top priorities of the Prevention and Risk Management department is to provide services to our customers. In so doing we wish, as a partner that is deeply involved in the sector, to assist our customers on their path to continuity and safety in Europe.

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