WeGroup and Fixico partner to help customers find the best repair solution for their uninsured car

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Amsterdam/Ghent, May 25, 2022 - Fixico, the digital car repair management platform, has today announced a partnership with WeGroup, an Insurtech platform supporting insurance providers to better connect with customers around the world. Through this partnership, insurance providers using WeGroup can now offer drivers a single web application that digitalises the end-to-end car repair process — including uploading photos of the vehicle’s damage, scheduling a repair, tracking the status in real-time, and leaving a review for the repair shop. 

In addition to digitalising the repair journey, Fixico will support customers of WeGroup’s insurance providers in significantly saving costs, without sacrificing quality or increasing the cycle time. Fixico is able to find these ideal repair solutions with its smart matchmaking method, where it scans through its network of over 400 repairers in Belgium, in order to find the one that most matches the criteria of the customer and their vehicle. As Fixico offers a customisable driver journey, it will be fully integrated with WeGroup’s virtual assistant, Louise, requiring no added hassle for customers when working with multiple tools. 

“When a driver gets in an accident and is not insured, the frustration often continues. Thanks to the collaboration between WeGroup and Fixico, insurance providers can point their customers in the right direction, helping them find the best repairers in terms of costs and convenience," said Laurien Braeckman, VP of International Growth at WeGroup. 

"We are extremely excited to join forces with WeGroup. The insurance platform will allow us to navigate drivers through the repair process from A-Z in a user-friendly way. Also, our partnership will ensure that customers of insurance providers save both time and money on their repairs. Thus, we share our equal mission and guarantee transparency, simplicity and control for the end users," said Boris Koster, Business Development Director at Fixico.

About Fixico

Fixico is the digital car repair management platform on a mission to shape the future of car repair by creating a smarter, better and digitally connected marketplace for everyone. Fixico enables businesses to make data-driven repair decisions, and fully optimise, control, and track their repairs, while offering exceptional driver journeys. Over 2,500 repairers and 200 businesses,  including industry leaders such as AON, Sixt, and Arval, are leveraging Fixico across nine countries. To find out more, visit fixico-business.com. 

About WeGroup

WeGroup has developed Louise, the online distribution platform that helps insurance providers offer advice and support in a digital or hybrid way. WeGroup’s platform enables insurance providers to accelerate the growth of their customer portfolio, increase efficiency, and digitalise communication. Offer your customers an exceptional insurance experience - just like 600+ of our current insurance partners do - and reach out to a WeGroup insurance expert to find out what we can do for you. Plan a demo at https://www.wegroup.be/nl/plan-een-demo 

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