Fixico introduces digital repair management to the UK

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Mark van Laar (left) and Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries (right), founders of Fixico

Amsterdam/Manchester, 28 June, 2022 — Fixico, the digital car repair management platform, has today announced an expansion of its offering to the United Kingdom. With this announcement, Fixico is officially operating in 10 countries, which reflects the growing success of its digital solution. 

Fixico’s mission is to shape the future of car repair, by creating a better, smarter and digitally connected marketplace for everyone. As such, expanding to the UK is a natural next step in their journey to transform the entire car repair industry. Fixico’s international partners can now leverage the platform for their UK operations, and new UK-based businesses and repairers can receive access to the full strength of digital repair management.

“The automotive landscape is ever-evolving, and we see significant opportunities for digital transformation. We have always had the UK on our roadmap, as it’s a multi-billion pound market, where we can introduce cutting-edge technology to established processes and build a digital, more efficient vehicle servicing ecosystem,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO and founder of Fixico.

Rather than needing to call or email back and forth, Fixico connects all parties involved in car repair — from rental, leasing, insurance and fleet management companies to repairers and suppliers — in a single, digital environment for seamless communication. With a goal of increasing efficiency and minimising vehicle off-road time, Fixico finds the most suitable repairer for each individual vehicle, in terms of distance, availability, costs and more. Fixico also provides both businesses and repairers with a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of all repairs and review real-time insights. 

Intelligent Vehicle Services will be among the first businesses to use Fixico in the UK

Based in Manchester, IVS manages car repairs for different work providers ranging from insurers, fleet operators, insurance intermediaries, and other claim management companies. By partnering with Fixico, IVS can communicate with all of their customers via a single platform and optimise operations, eliminating non-value-adding activities. IVS’ network of over 280 body repair shops across the UK will be fully onboarded to the Fixico marketplace, making it easier to coordinate and deploy repairs, which in turn supports Fixico’s expansion into the market.

“We chose to work with Fixico, because we believe their platform is truly changing the game across Europe. They offer impressive data insights and with their seamless integration to existing systems, there was no reason not to work together. We look forward to digitalising our repair management, allowing for more transparency and efficiency for our customers,” said John Boyce, Managing Director of IVS.

About Fixico

Fixico is the digital car repair management platform on a mission to shape the future of car repair by creating a smarter, better and digitally connected marketplace for everyone. Fixico enables businesses to make data-driven repair decisions, and fully optimise, control, and track their repairs, while offering exceptional driver journeys. Over 2,500 repairers and 200 businesses, including industry leaders such as AON, Sixt, and Arval, are leveraging Fixico across ten countries. To find out more, visit

About IVS 

Intelligent Vehicle Services Limited provides bespoke repair management solutions for Fleet Operators, Insurance Companies, Insurance Intermediaries and Claims Management Companies throughout the UK. Our core aim is to provide a professional, transparent, and practical Repair Management service to our clients. This we achieve by providing a practical repair management solution, through measurable efficiencies, using the latest information technology and by fully understanding our clients needs, which includes working with our clients other business partners as well.

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