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Overcoming the unique repair challenges of fleet electrification
The push towards an electric and sustainable fleet has caused a shift for fleet operators. In this blog, we discuss the challenges such as the need for specialized services and rising total cost of repairs (TCR) as well as how fleet managers can stay ahead of the curve.
Navigating towards a future-proof UK automotive industry
Industry insights
The UK automotive industry is facing an uncertain future with many challenges and opportunities. In this blog, we discuss the challenges surrounding electric vehicle adoption in the UK, how the industry is tackling sustainability, and the technological developments happening in the repair world.
How data insights drive efficient repair management for fleet operators
Industry insights
In the world of fleet management, ensuring your vehicles are promptly repaired and back on the road is crucial. Fleet operators face a constant challenge to minimize downtime, control costs, and maintain a high level of service for their customers. This is where leveraging insights becomes key.
Schauen Sie für Einsparungen bei Fahrzeugreparaturen über die Werkstattrechnung hinaus
Mit einem TCR-Einsatz werden alle Kostenkomponenten der Reparaturen der Flotte betrachtet.
Discover car repair savings beyond the repairer’s invoice
Industry insights
When considering the cost of repairs for your fleet, it’s worthwhile to look past the mechanic's bill. Dive into the various facets that contribute to your total cost of repairs and the savings you can achieve for your fleet by leveraging digitalization
The role of digitalization in the future of car repair
Industry insights
The automotive industry is set to experience significant transformations that will fundamentally redefine the approach to fleet management and car servicing. The future of car repair will be characterized by specialized, connected and sustainable solutions.
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