In the world of fleet management, ensuring your vehicles are promptly repaired and back on the road is crucial to your business’ success. Fleet operators face a constant challenge to minimize downtime, control costs, and maintain a high level of service for their customers. This is where leveraging insights becomes key. In this blog, we outline how Fixico's platform allows fleet managers to leverage the full potential of data in repair management. From streamlining operations, optimizing your total cost of repairs (TCR), to driving business success within the industry.

How can I access data insights as a fleet operator?

Fixico’s repair management platform is a centralized digital ecosystem that enables access to comprehensive data insights with a single click. Furthermore, since stakeholders are interconnected, you can leverage data from various sources, including repairers and drivers, giving you a clear and transparent overview of the entire repair process. This connectivity also means that data is updated in real-time, meaning reports will always be accurate and based on the latest figures.

What type of insights can I leverage to optimize my repairs?

Real-time status and cycle time overviews to improve efficiency

Through the Fixico platform, you get a centralized overview of all your repairs. You can track repair status, monitor repair duration, and receive alerts for delays or issues. This helps you to get a clear picture of where your vehicles are at any point during the repair process, ensuring repairs are completed on time.

Moreover, you have a detailed breakdown of your cycle times, you can evaluate which steps in your repair process are inefficient and identify areas of improvement. As a result, you’re able to streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency based on concrete data on both a local and international scale, reducing your repair handling costs and vehicle off-road time.

Evaluate repairer performance data for smarter repair allocation and informed decision-making

You can leverage repairer performance data, such as quality, cost, cycle times and on-time delivery to evaluate repairers. As a result, you can make informed decisions to select the repairer that best matches your business’ needs for smarter repair allocation.

Leveraging data insights for repair management also facilitates data-driven decision making. By analyzing repair price details and performance metrics and comparing it with data from past time periods, you can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies based on reliable data to optimize processes, control costs and drive business success.

Utilizing damage insights for your fleet to further minimize vehicle downtime

With Fixico’s repair management platform, you can also get detailed insights into the type, size and location of all your damages as well as the ratio of repaired vs. replaced parts. These detailed damage insights enable you to identify patterns, which can inform driver training programs to reduce the likelihood of such damages. You’re also able to see which vehicle brands often have parts on backorder which cause delays in repair cycle time as well as the types of vehicles that are most commonly damaged, allowing you to make informed decisions for fleet procurement strategies.

Detailed insights into damage types and locations provide a better understanding of repair costs, identifying areas where cost reductions can be achieved through improved processes. Combined with repairer insights, knowing common damage locations and types allows you to allocate vehicles to repair shops that are best suited for each type of damage based on criteria such as cost, quality and cycle times.

Experience the benefits of data insights for repair management

Embracing data-driven repair management is essential for fleet operators looking to achieve operational efficiency through strategic and informed decisions. With Fixico’s repair management platform, you’re able to leverage real-time data insights to streamline repair processes and minimize vehicle downtime to significantly reduce your total cost of repairs, get in touch using the form below!