The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a religious organisation with congregations all over the world. The Church has approx. 17 million members, mainly based in the US, but also spread over more than 160 countries and they are rapidly growing.

The Church’s rapid growth is largely due to their missionary programme, where mainly young adults, but also senior couples volunteer to teach people about the Church. To ensure their missionaries can move around easily and reach their destinations on time, the Church maintains a vast fleet of vehicles managed by their fleet management team. With over 60,000 volunteers and missionaries and 17,000 vehicles worldwide, managing such a large fleet can be a daunting task, particularly since drivers frequently change and vehicles are stationed across many different countries.

Two of the more than 60.000 missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ. In total, the church has a fleet of 17,000 vehicles to ensure the mobility of these missionaries.

One of the most critical aspects of managing this extensive fleet is handling repairs. Missionaries operate on tight schedules and depend heavily on their vehicles to get around, so any lengthy repair cycle can significantly disrupt their missionary work. As such, it was critical for the Church to find a digital partner to support efficient repair management.

Smarter repair allocation

"Maintaining good condition of our vehicles is of utmost importance to us," says Alexander Merkel, Area Fleet and Travel Manager for the Church. "As representatives of the Church, it's essential that our missionaries make a neat impression when driving our vehicles. That's why we prioritise fast repairs to ensure our missionaries can continue their work and not have to wait around for their car to be repaired.”

Previously, the Church carried out repairs by selecting the closest repair shop to the vehicle, with no consideration given to other factors, such as costs and availability. The Church's repair allocation strategy was based solely on distance, causing them to miss out on the opportunity for a better repair solution, even if it was slightly further away but able to start sooner and offer better prices. As a result, the Church realised that they needed a more intelligent and efficient approach that would help them reduce the overall cost of repairs.

Centralised platform for managing repairs across markets

When the Church learned about Fixico's digital repair management platform, they realised how much time and money they could save by implementing a smarter repair strategy. The platform addressed, among others, one of their main challenges: managing a large fleet across many countries. Fixico's expansive network of certified, top-quality repairers across Europe, coupled with a streamlined repair process on a single platform, provides the Church with full control, flexibility, transparency, and insight over their fleet operations.

Fixico works with certified, top-quality repair shops that ensure the highest quality to their clients.

Since partnering with Fixico in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and South Africa, the Church has completely transformed the way they manage their international fleet. Fixico’s digital platform ensures smooth repairs across markets, providing quick and efficient services. When a car is damaged, the driver is responsible for reporting the damage so the Church can swiftly respond. With drivers changing constantly, it becomes increasingly important for the Church to have a system that enables even those with limited experience to report damages effectively. Fixico has supported the Church in reducing repair cycle times by 30% on average, and in some cases up to 100% depending on the type of damage.

Fortunately, Fixico's web-app provides an end-to-end digital journey, allowing drivers to upload photos of the damage, schedule repairs at a convenient time, track the repair status, and leave a review. Fixico's platform streamlines all of these repairs into a single platform so the Church can easily manage everything and receive valuable insights into their fleet. On average, drivers for the Church have left repairers a 9.5 review score, showing their satisfaction with the quality of repair and seamlessness of the overall experience.

“The Church is very satisfied with Fixico and the exceptional level of service that they provide. The team at Fixico takes every matter seriously and invests the time and effort required to deliver a comprehensive solution,” says Merkel. “Fixico's outstanding performance has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the Church's international fleet and we are grateful for their continued support.”

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