Their story

Ballast Nedam is a leading construction and development company in the Netherlands. The company’s diverse portfolio includes iconic landmarks like the Dutch Delta Works, the Johan Cruijff Arena and many more. Ballast Nedam’s building approach revolves around efficient workflows and operational excellence. By operating a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, they keep their workforce of more than 2,000 employees including 350 construction workers mobile.

Their challenge

Construction sites can be tricky to navigate, making car damage a common liability for Ballast Nedam’s drivers. Yet until 2017, repair handling was a tedious process. Most had to be arranged by phone or email, and every step in the process required constant coordination between the driver, fleet manager and body repair shop. By default, drivers had to get a price estimation by driving to the repair shop for a physical inspection. Followed by another drive at a different time to get the vehicle repaired. The repair was performed according to the availability of the repair shop, affecting Ballast Nedam’s capability to plan ahead. In addition to the workload and expensive vehicle downtime, the company faced transparency issues with regards to repair costs. Working exclusively with repair shops from one chain, they were unable to benchmark prices against market standards.

The Fixico solution

Ballast Nedam and its fleet management company fleetkennis, started looking for a way to improve their damage handling process. In 2017, they joined forces with Fixico to digitalize their repair management from start to finish. This innovative solution lowered Ballast Nedam’s cycle times and repair costs, and increased driver satisfaction.

Digital repair journey

Ballast Nedam’s drivers can now report damage within minutes on-site. They simply upload photos and write a short description, and select the additional services they wish to use on a Ballast Nedam-branded web app. Within 24 hours, the driver is asked to confirm the pick-up location and schedule the repair according to their own availability.

Easy repair management

As soon as a damage is submitted, fleetkennis instantly receives the first notice of loss (FNOL) and gains access to all relevant damage and driver information in a cohesive dashboard. In this digital environment, they're able to easily allocate repairs, compare quotes, pay invoices and check real-time status updates.

Intelligent repair allocation

Repairs are no longer sent out for a physical inspection by default. Instead, each individual damage is assessed accurately within a digital environment. Depending on the level of complexity and Ballast Nedam’s specific requirements, repairs can be either tendered in a quality repair network or intelligently steered to the most suitable repairer in the vicinity of the driver.

“Since working with Fixico, our repair process is much more appreciated by our drivers, and we’ve been able to reduce our repair costs significantly.”

Jeffrey Hoffmann, Director, Ballast Nedam Materieel

Jeffrey Hoffmann Director Ballast Nedam Materieel

The results

Due to the collaboration with Fixico, Ballast Nedam was able to improve their entire repair handling process.

Lowering repair costs

Whether a repair is being tendered or intelligently steered, fleet managers are now able to quickly identify the most suitable repair shop to carry out the required repair at the best price. As a result, Ballast Nedam reduced their repair costs by 27%.

Reducing cycle times

By digitalizing their repair management and removing non-value-adding activities, Ballast Nedam was able to minimise the repair handling time. After reporting a damage, it takes less than 24 hours before the driver schedules an appointment with the body repair shop. The average repair time has also decreased. Once the car arrives at the repair shop, it's repaired and returned to the driver within an average of 2.5 days.

Boosting driver satisfaction

Drivers now experience a quick and frictionless repair journey, which doesn't affect their mobility. After each completed repair, Fixico invites them to review the service, thereby monitoring driver satisfaction closely. Overall, driver satisfaction regarding the repair handling process is at an average 4.3/5.

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Fixico offers possibilities for fleets of any shape or size. Currently, we work with partners ranging from local fleet-owners to big internationals, and companies that trust in claim or fleet management providers to handle their car damage repairs. Our platform and marketplace adapt to the needs and requirements of your fleet. Work with our network, your preferred body repair shops or a combination of both.

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