Their story

Mobility Service Nederland is a Dutch leasing company that operates a diverse fleet of over 6,000 vehicles. By actively promoting eVehicles, having a driver-centric approach and a highly-digital setup, Mobility Service is more than just another leasing company. As the first in the Netherlands to offer online financial lease contracts, and by importing the very first electric car in the Benelux back in 2009, the company has proven to be at the forefront of innovation.

Their challenge

Tesla cars vehicles lined up

Despite embracing digital solutions, handling car damage used to be a completely manual process. Drivers had to report damage via phone and submit their European accident statement via fax or email. Damaged cars were picked up across the country and transported back to the company’s headquarters in Groningen before getting repaired. This process was both time-consuming and inconvenient for the driver, as well as labour-intensive and costly for Mobility Service.

The Fixico solution

To live up to their promise of providing a seamless driver experience, Mobility Service set out to transform the way they handle car damage. By teaming up with Fixico, the leasing company has been able to fully digitalise their repair handling process, lower costs and significantly increase driver satisfaction.

Hassle-free repair journey

With Fixico’s user-friendly web app implemented on Mobility Service’s website, reporting car damage has never been easier. Drivers simply upload photos, attach the accident statement and select which additional services they wish to use. Within 48 hours, they’ll receive all relevant repair information and plan the repair on a date that fits their schedule.

Easy repair management

After a report is created, fleet managers immediately receive the first notice of loss
and get access to all relevant damage information in a cohesive dashboard. In this
digital environment, fleet managers are able to conveniently check real-time status
updates, compare quotes, authorise repairs, pay invoices and even analyse the
network performance.

Intelligent allocation of repairs

Depending on the level of complexity and Mobility Service’s specific requirements,
repairs can be either tendered in a quality repair network or intelligently steered
to the most suitable repairer in the vicinity of the driver. Damaged cars no longer have to be transported back to Mobility Service’s headquarters to start the repair handling process.

“With Fixico, costly inefficiencies and frustrating repair experiences are a thing of the past”

Paul Harms, CEO Mobility Service Nederland.

Paul Harms CEO Mobility Service Nederland

The results

Mobility Service improved damage repair handling on every metric.

Reducing repair costs

The leasing company is now able to find the best solution for each damage. Fleet
managers quickly identify the most suitable repair shop to carry out the required repair at the best price. As a result, Mobility Service Nederland has been able to reduce its repair costs by over 20%.

Streamlining workflows

Mobility Service was able to eliminate non-value-adding activities like faxing forms or transporting damaged vehicles all across the country. Each damage is now repaired in the vicinity of the driver. Because transportation costs became redundant and workflows less labour-intensive, the total costs related to car damage have been reduced by over 30%.

Boosting driver satisfaction

Due to Fixico’s white-label solution, drivers now experience a hassle-free repair journey. By conducting reviews after each completed repair, driver satisfaction is measured and closely monitored. On average, drivers rate their experience at the repair shop with a 4 out of 5. Their overall satisfaction with the handling process is at an average NPS of 67.

Get started today

Fixico offers possibilities for fleets of any shape or size. Currently, we work with partners ranging from local fleet-owners to big internationals, and companies that trust in claim or fleet management providers to handle their car damage repairs. Our platform and marketplace adapt to the needs and requirements of your fleet. Work with our network, your preferred body repair shops or a combination of both.

Request a free demo and unlock the potential of digital car damage repair management for your fleet.

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