Aon is a leading global provider of risk management, (re)insurance brokerage, and human resource solutions. Drawing on its 50 years of experience and the expertise of its 50,000 employees spread across 120 countries, Aon consistently delivers a high-quality and reliable service to its long-standing clients. In Belgium, Aon offers renowned Commercial Risk Solutions, managing about 90,000 vehicles and handling over 30,000 car damage claims per year.

Providing innovative support is Aon’s number one goal. In that regard, the service provider offers top-notch risk management solutions for corporate fleets, insurance and damage-prevention consultancy and takes complete care of all their clients’ claim handling and repair management needs. While innovation has always been at the centre of Aon’s service, the company was faced with limited control and insight over their clients’ car damage repair handling process.

Back in 2017, Aon’s claims were still handled according to traditional industry standards. Their clients’ drivers had to report their damage by phone or email, drive to a pre-approved body repair shop to get a price estimation, get the price approved and contact the body repair shop again to schedule the actual repair. This way of handling repairs didn’t leave much room for Aon to consider the characteristics and requirements of each repair or their clients’ needs. For example, whether the vehicle was equipped with ADAS and required calibration or whether a client needed a vehicle repaired within a short timeframe. In addition, this approach offered minimal insight into the repair journey and the driver’s experience, making it challenging to monitor costs and cycle times or improve the journey at all. As a result, repairs were often more expensive, took longer to complete and clients’ needs were not always met.

Aon x Fixico

Aon partnered with Fixico in 2018 to bring a pioneering digital car damage repair handling solution to the Belgian fleet market. Based on our discussion with Al Pijnacker, Managing Director Automotive at Aon, Fixico’s solution extends and complements Aon’s claim handling service and helps the company offer a holistic and efficient service to its clients.

“Fixico’s digital repair handling solution complements our market-leading fleet services perfectly. By reducing costs and providing a smooth repair experience, all while safeguarding quality, Fixico adds tangible value to our clients and their drivers.”

Al Pijnacker, Managing Director Automotive, Aon Belgium

Smooth and customisable set-up

"It was not a problem for Fixico to integrate our clients’ existing networks in the platform. Fixico adapted very well and fast to the requirements of the customers as well as the prospects.”

Fixico’s platform is built to adapt to partners’ requirements and integrates readily with existing processes. Fixico’s team supported Aon throughout the initial set-up process and assisted its IT team with the integration of Fixico’s solution to ensure a smooth onboarding within just a couple of weeks. Additionally, the platform is easily tailored to Aon’s specific needs and can be adjusted to their clients’ requirements. For example, Aon’s clients’ existing networks of body repair shops can be combined seamlessly with Fixico’s platform to create an integrated repair handling solution. This allows Aon to automatically handle repairs based on the exact preferences of their clients. They can select body repair shops based on criteria like distance, rating, duration, availability, price. Moreover, a variety of services such as a replacement vehicle or a pick-up and return service can be included by default.

Digital driver journey

"Fixico is very customer-friendly. Upload a few pictures, and you’ve got an appointment.”

Aon can now offer its clients and their drivers a convenient, fully digital repair journey. Instead of repeated manual tasks, drivers now report car damage within minutes by uploading photos in an easy-to-use white label web app, designed to match Aon’s clients’ brand standards. Further, drivers are able to conveniently plan the repair at a time that works best for their schedule. At the end of the journey, drivers review their experience, making it easy for Aon and their clients to keep track of driver satisfaction. Fixico’s digital dashboard also gives a comprehensive overview of other leading KPIs like repair cost and cycle times, allowing Aon and their clients to get insights into repair handling with the click of a button.

Safeguarding repair quality

“Cars are getting more complex, well-equipped, and expensive, so the cost of repairs is increasing. With Fixico, we provide our clients with an optimal repair solution that safeguards quality while improving efficiency."

As modern vehicles get more advanced and complex to repair, even smaller car damage like a dent or a scratch can require a body repair shop to have specific skills, tools or certifications. Not taking these requirements into account can extend repair duration by forcing the repair shop to outsource, or lead to problematic repair quality. Fixico’s advanced systems and damage experts establish clear repair requirements for each damaged vehicle. By knowing exactly what’s needed beforehand and leveraging a smart network, repairs are allocated only to workshops that are qualified to handle the damage. As a result, Aon can ensure that repair quality is safeguarded while cutting out non-value-added activities from the workflow.

The results

Fixico enhances Aon’s claim handling services by providing full insight and control over the process, lowering repair costs, shortening cycle times and offering a seamless driver experience, all while safeguarding repair quality.

Reducing repair costs
Aon benefits from a transparent allocation process, where repairs are either intelligently steered or tendered in a competitive environment. As a result, Aon can ensure that the most suitable option for every repair is chosen at the best price. In addition, Fixico’s intelligent allocation reduces unexpected costs by working with qualified repairers for the job, preventing outsourcing and increasing cost-efficiency. Overall, Aon was able to lower its direct repair costs by 32% in 2020.

Boosting driver satisfaction
Using Fixico’s digital platform, drivers now experience a frictionless repair journey that is attuned to their needs. They are empowered to handle their repair via their smartphone, request additional services, plan repairs according to their schedule, and leave feedback after the repair is completed. This enables Aon’s clients to closely monitor driver satisfaction and network performance. On average, drivers rated their repair handling experience at 4.5/5 in 2020.

Lowering cycle times
Digital repair management ensures that repairs are only allocated to repairers with the necessary skills, certifications and tools to handle the given damage. As a result, not only does Fixico’s solution guarantee repair quality, but it also reduces repair duration by focusing on repair shops’ expertise and availability. This allows drivers to get their vehicles repaired sooner, minimising costly downtime. In 2020, Aon decreased repair cycle times by 32%.

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