Their story

Computer Task Group (CTG) is a front-running Information Technology (IT) consultancy firm. Over the last 50 years, the company has been offering innovative solutions to more than 450 industry-leading clients in 7 industries. CTG Belgium - one of the global offices - has around 470 employees and a fleet of 300 vehicles. The fleet consists of passenger cars, mostly used by their consultants. Being highly reputed for their reliability to deliver promises in a timely manner, they can't afford a slow and troublesome repair journey. To minimize the impact of costly vehicle downtime and keep its fleet in excellent condition, CTG Belgium uses Aon’s claims management services to handle its car damage repairs.

Their challenge

The collaboration with Aon has helped CTG Belgium to improve their car damage repair handling. In 2018, however, car damage repair handling was still a manual and laborious process. Most activities had to be arranged by phone or email, and every step in the process required constant coordination between the driver, fleet manager and body repair shop.

The Aon-Fixico solution

For an IT company like CTG, technological advancement is an essential element of their business. By leveraging innovation, they became one of the industry leaders. So when Aon joined forces with Fixico to launch a pioneering solution for the Belgian market in 2018, CTG was one of the first companies to get on board.
The company’s revamped car repair handling process has resulted in improved driver satisfaction, lower repair costs and reduced cycle times.

Frictionless repair journey

When a vehicle gets damaged, CTG’s drivers can now use their phone to submit a damage report within minutes. They simply upload photos and write a short description of the damage, and select the additional services they wish to use in a CTG-branded web app. Within 48 hours, all relevant repair details are available, and the driver is asked to schedule the repair at their most convenient time.

Easy repair management

All repairs are carefully managed from the beginning to the end. Fixico’s digital dashboard provides Aon’s claims managers with a cohesive environment where they can get real-time updates, compare quotes, authorise repairs, approve invoices, analyse the network performance and archive completed reports.

Assigning repairs intelligently

All damage is assessed individually in a digital environment, instead of being sent out for a physical inspection by default. Depending on the level of complexity and CTG’s specific requirements, repairs can either be tendered in a quality network or intelligently steered to the most suitable repair shop.

“The collaboration between Aon and Fixico has made our car repair management much faster, easier and more cost-efficient.”

Sandra Devleeschouwer, Fleet Manager, CTG Belgium

Sandra Devleeschouwer Fleet Manager CTG Belgium

The results

Lowering repair costs

The advanced digital tools have made it possible for Aon’s claims managers to identify the most suitable repair shop intelligently. In each case, the repairer that’s best equipped to carry out the required repair is selected at the best price. Ever since the integration of Fixico’s solution, CTG reduced their repair costs by 25%.

Reducing cycle times

Fixico’s digital platform enables streamlined workflows, leading to the elimination of non-value adding activities. Next to price, expertise and requirements, Aon’s claims managers are able to take repairer’s availability and repair duration into account. As a result, CTG’s average cycle time has been reduced by 10%.

Boosting employee satisfaction

The repair journey is now hassle-free for drivers. The user-friendly web app gives drivers the independence to submit a damage report and schedule the repair with ease. On top of that, driver satisfaction is evaluated and closely monitored by conducting reviews after each repair. The average rating is 4 out of 5, which shows their appreciation for CTG’s new way of handling repairs.

Get started today

Fixico offers possibilities for fleets of any shape or size. Currently, we work with partners ranging from local fleet-owners to big internationals, and companies that trust in claim or fleet management providers to handle their car damage repairs. Our platform adapts to the needs and requirements of your fleet. Work with our network, your preferred body repair shops or a combination of both.

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