Their story

The Positive Thinking Company (PTC) is a global IT and business consultancy firm. Their Belgian branch employs about 650 employees and operates a fleet of around 370 cars. The fleet consists mostly of passenger cars and is managed by Peter Verlinden - Independent Fleet & Mobility Manager. PTC finds it important to keep their fleet in top condition and their drivers on the road. Whenever damage occurs, the company wants to offer their drivers an effortless repair experience and limit costly vehicle downtimes.

Positive Thinking Company vehicles

Their challenge

PTC considers its employees to be the heart of the business. The young and dynamic company goes far and beyond to ensure that the needs of their drivers are met. However, at the beginning of 2019, handling car damage repairs was still a rather frustrating experience. Even though PTC’s drivers reside throughout Belgium, all damaged cars in their fleet were brought to the same body repair shop near Brussels. To add to the inconvenience, this repair shop did not always offer a replacement vehicle, so drivers often had to arrange it themselves.

The solution

PTC used to handle their car damage repairs independently. However, with a growing fleet of approximately 50 to 60 new vehicles a year, the processes in place lacked scalability. So Peter Verlinden started looking for suitable ways to improve PTC’s car repair management. Because the company values innovation and advises their customers to implement digital solutions daily, the concept of fully digital and streamlined repair handling had a huge appeal. So when Aon joined forces with Fixico to launch a pioneering solution for the Belgian market in 2018, Peter quickly got PTC on board. The revamped damage handling process has lowered repair costs, reduced driving distance, and increased driver satisfaction tremendously.

As an independent Fleet & Mobility Manager, Peter Verlinden helps the Positive Thinking Company with managing and growing their fleet.

“Everyone is much happier with the way repairs are handled now,and we managed to cut back on costs.”

Peter Verlinden, Independent Fleet & Mobility Manager.

Peter Verlinden Independent Fleet & Mobility Manager

Easy repair management

PTC no longer has to go through the time-consuming and traditional process of dealing with car damage manually. They can now trust a fully digital solution that caters to their needs; Aon's claims managers can now use Fixico’s cohesive dashboard to authorise repairs, approve invoices, analyse the network performance in real-time, and archive completed reports.

Intelligent repair allocation

PTC benefits from working with a dynamic network of qualified body repair shops
across the country. Depending on the level of complexity, PTC’s specific requirements, and the location of the driver, Aon’s claims managers either tender repairs in the network or intelligently steer them to the most suitable repairer directly.

Frictionless repair journey

Whenever damage occurs, drivers can now use their phone to submit a damage report within minutes. They simply upload photos and write a short damage description in a PTC-branded web app. Within 48 hours, they are able to schedule the repair without having to worry about arranging a replacement vehicle, which is now included by default.

The results

“This proactive way of working by reducing paperwork with the use of new technology helped Positive Thinking Company with making their fleet
more efficient. The less time spent on admin tasks means more time for chargeable activities, controlling costs and saving money."

Lowering repair costs

PTC now leverages the competition and expertise of qualified repairers in the network. Aon’s claims managers easily select the right repairer that's best equipped to perform the repair at the best price, including a free replacement vehicle. Since using Fixico’s platform, repair costs for PTC have decreased by 25%.

Reducing driving distance

Now that repairs are allocated within close proximity of PTC’s drivers’ home or workplace, they don’t have to travel too far to get their car repaired. The average driving distance used to be 22km, now it's only 9km. This improvement of 58% allows drivers to spend less time on redundant tasks and get back on track with their day-to-day activities.

Boosting driver satisfaction

PTC’s drivers benefit from the hassle-free journey that a digital platform provides. Instead of having to arrange alternative transportation themselves, it's now included, and a pick-up and return service is always optional. By conducting reviews after each completed repair, driver satisfaction is monitored closely. With an average rating score of 4.4 out of 5, it's clear that PTC’s drivers appreciate the way repairs are handled now.

Get started today

Fixico offers possibilities for fleets of any shape or size. Currently, we work with partners ranging from local fleet-owners to big internationals, and companies that trust in fleet- or claims management providers to handle their car damage repairs. Our platform adapts to the needs and requirements of your fleet. Work with our network, your preferred body repair shops or a combination of both.

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