Discover the benefits of digital repair management

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Effortlessly manage your batch repairs with Fixico

Don't compromise on repair time, cost or quality

Typically, you’ll use 3 metrics to measure the performance of your service provider - Time, Cost & Quality. Traditional thinking says that you'll only meet 2 out of 3 of your metrics, making it a critical balancing act. For example, you can have your repairs done quickly and at a low cost but the quality will suffer - but this doesn't have to be the case. With Fixico's digital repair management platform, you can find the best repair solution without sacrificing on time, cost, or quality.

Don’t let repair delays cause you headaches

For a large batch repair project, one of the most common struggles is repair delays caused by previous delays. With a large network of trusted and certified repairers you can manage all your repairs on the Fixico platform, without having to worry about running into delays.

A single platform to efficiently handle large vehicle batches

Fixico solution on any device

Digital repair journey

An end-to-end, effortless repair experience for you and your customers

Get paired with the best solution for you

Smart matchmaking

Find the best repair solution from your preferred network, or Fixico's marketplace

Data drive decisions at your fingertips

Real-time insights

Access valuable insights to support data-driven decision making for your batch repairs

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Fixico solution

With Fixico’s repair management platform:

  • You can always find the best repair solution for each unique damage without sacrificing on time, cost or quality.

  • Streamline your repair process to easily handle large vehicle batches no matter the size of your fleet or company

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