Quality Guidelines

Together with our body repair shops we set the quality guidelines.
Fixico body repair shop owners are proud of their work and their
relationship with the customer. To make sure all
body repair shops deliver the right service and quality,
they comply with the Fixico Quality Guidelines.

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6 guidelines to achieve excellent quality

1. Treat the customer with respect

Make sure that conversations with the customer are professional. Exchange information about the repair in a constructive way and remain respectful in case of feedback or questions. Of course we ask this from the customer as well. A positive review benefits both you and Fixico.


2. Stick to the agreements made with the customer

Make sure that the vehicle is repaired on the date that was agreed with the customer and against the price that was agreed. Also, be sure to deliver the additional services (such as a replacement vehicle or pick-up and return service) that were asked by the customer and promised by you. Make sure that every employee who is working on the vehicle or in touch with the customer is aware of the agreements you made.


3. Communicate clearly about extra costs or delays

As an entrepreneur we can understand that you are always busy. If there are any delays with the repair, please make sure to inform the customer. For business repairs, use the delay button in the dashboard to inform Fixico and the customer of delays to parts being unavailable. For consumers, give a call to the customer to update the customer about the delay.

In case of additional work make sure to avoid surprises for the customer. We speak of additional work when the damage was not visible on the picture or mentioned in the description. For business repairs, use the additional work button in the dashboard and wait for approval before you start working on the repair. For consumers, give a call to the customer to get an approval for a new price of the repair.

Clear communication

4. Make professional quotes, repair plans and invoices

Make sure that the quotes and invoices you make are professionally done. Always communicate in a quote whether you are planning to use OEM new, used, Matching Quality or Imitation parts.

Before sending out the invoice, always check it with the quote you made and - if applicable - approved additional work. Always use the language of the customer in your quotes and invoices.

Professional quotes

5. Delivery high-quality work, finish the work and solve complaints professionally

As a body repair shop in the Fixico network you deliver high quality repairs. Make sure you finish the work you promise to the customer and that you follow all the safety guidelines in your shop. Even more important: make sure all of the safety checks on the vehicle have been completed and that the vehicle can be put back on the road safely before you hand it back to the customer. In case of rework or a customer complaint, make sure you solve this professionally. Can’t come to an agreement with the customer? Please contact us for advice.

High quality work

6. Terms and conditions

By using our platform you comply with our terms and conditions (and - if applicable - the addendum for business repairs). In case of complaints we investigate your history on the platform and may suspend or remove your account. In case of questions and/or remarks, you can contact us via [email protected]
or 020-8081769.

Terms and conditions